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Anyone can offer a Quarterback Camp, but the answers to certain question can determine if that Camp is actually going to benefit the Campers. To fully understand what separates Complete QB, from other Quarterback Camps and as a unique Quarterback experience, you have to ask the right questions.

1. Why isn't your Camp "elite" like some others?
The simple answer is: our Camp is for every Quarterback, from the beginner who has never played to the "elite" Quarterback who has won state titles and broken state records. We aren't trying to make a name for ourselves off of the success of only "elite" athletes. We are trying to help any Quarterback who is willing to do the work to get better.

2. Why don't you emphasize the system or technique that you use to teach the Quarterback position?
We didn't create an acronym or catch-phrase for what we teach our Quarterbacks. Our "system" is about the fundamentals, the core skills that every Quarterback needs to be successful at the position. Our goal is to provide a deeper level of understanding of every aspect of the Quarterbacks position so our Campers can take what they learn with us and apply it to any situation, both on the field and off.

3. Why don't you franchise your Camps with other Coaches running them at different sites?
The problem with a franchise is no matter how it is set up, there can NEVER be a guarantee that every Camp will be what is promised because there is no single person who can be a presence at every Camp. Our goal is to provide the same Quarterback experience to every Camper, no matter which Camp location you attend. The only way to achieve this is to have Coach Johnston at every Camp.

4. Why don't you provide recruitment opportunities at your Camp?
Complete QB Alumni have enjoyed amazing success at all levels of College Football. The reality is recruitment occurs based on natural ability, game highlights and film, the support of coaches and parents, and performance at College Camps. What we provide are the tools that will be used during those times where being a solid Quarterback is what matters the most. We don't want to cloud our Camp experience with things that realistically are unlikely to help your recruitment process AND can distract from the process of teaching and learning. However, we do provide a FREE informational session on college admissions, athletic recruitment and the eligibility process to any Camper interested.

5. Why isn't Complete QB associated with any big names?
Complete QB has always provided a hand-on, no-nonsense working Camp. We provide this experience for Campers to have an opportunity to learn what they need to know to play the Quarterback position and to do that we don't need a big name. Instead, we have Coaches who have an expertise in the Quarterback position and are able to best teach what they know. That is worth far more than the shirt, autograph or picture with a "big name."

6. Where's the science and research behind what you teach at your Camp?
We are continuously working with experts in every field we believe can help us better teach the Quarterback position - including, but not limited to - Kinesiologists, Neurologists, Personal Trainers, etc. Our Director, Chris Johnston, has over 15 years of coaching experience and a MS in Kinesiology. We are constantly revising and adjusting what we teach to ensure that we are in line with not only what will help our Campers succeed as Quarterbacks, but also what will allow them to do so in the most efficient, effective, and healthy way.

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